“TINY BLITZ DR” has improved basic performance like casting distance, action response, snaglessness that are required for the crankbait to fish 3m deep.

The size is only 45mm. But flying posture is very stable by designed shape and weight balance. At the distance test it recorded best numerical value (compared with our products) compared to the same class competitors crank.

By adopting low center of gravity stationary weight and super light Honey Comb Super HP Body (PAT.), 
it performs sharp high pitch action with tight 
wobble and roll. And it starts to swim 
quickly after it reaches the water and when
it touches the structure and bottom it also 
starts to swim quickly.

When you retrieve it slowly, it keeps tight action.
Tiny Blitz DR
Length: 45mm
Weight: 6.7g
The details that matter
By reinforcing inside body with our unique hexagon rib, we succeeded in creating a 40% reduction in the thickness of side body (compared with our other products).
The special bib design means you can achieve up to 3.4m diving depth without it feeling like you're cranking too hard so you can fish this versatile bait all day long!