​Daniel Griffin

Fish-Tec Solutions Hand Picked Field Staff
Daniel fishes mostly rivers and estuaries along the east coast of Victoria targeting estuary perch, bass, bream aswell as other estuary species out of his kayak . 

His favourite techniques for chasing these species would be using the infamous O.S.P. Bent Minnow on the surface and the O.S.P. Dunk when the fish are down deeper.​

Teaming these outstanding lures with the Edge rod range and quality lines from Toray has meant an increase in captures and a swag of new PB's along the way.
Alex has been fishing all his life, growing up in places like Port Douglas and Airlie beach but spending most of his time in northern NSW and now residing on the gold coast, Alex was exposed to most of Australia’s premier sport fish. 

“Whether it is Bream, Bass, Barra or even high country trout Fish-Tec has a product for every situation”. 

A budding young tournament angler be sure to look out for Alex in the future. Also keep you out for Alex’s videos and photo’s in the gallery. 
​Andrew's passion for fishing manifested at a young age and has evolved into an obsession. When he is not building houses you will find him on the water somewhere. 

A competant angler in both salt in fresh he is always thinking outside the box to better understand his target species. The range of Fish-Tec products he now has in his kit has helped him excel in the field and record some memorable captures. 

A keen phographer and videograper keep an eye on the gallery for some of Andys images and videos.
Gerard is a lifelong fishaholic from Melbourne who has spent more than 3 decades chasing Bream, Estuary Perch and Bass in the many Rivers, Lakes and Inlets along the South East Coast of Australia. From catching undersized Hopkins River Bream on freshly collected baits as a kid in his hometown of Warrnambool to hunting monster Estuary Perch and Bass on lures out of his Kayak in East Gippsland he has seen, and fished his way through an incredible evolution of techniques and tackle used in the pursuit of these fish.

“…When I first came across Fish-Tec’s products on trips to Queensland over the past year or so, I couldn’t wait to get the lures down South to see whata our Black Bream thought of them. The OSP Bent Minnows in particular have resulted in the best Bream fishing I’ve had…ever!!, in both numbers of fish and size. Surface luring’s gotta be easily the most fun way to target Bream on lures, and lately they’ve made Flathead fishing exciting again…Check ‘em out, and check out the pics!!!...”  

Glen (Stewie) has been fishing for as long as he can remember…..freshwater streams lakes and rivers mostly, chasing bass, cod, golden perch, barramundi, and trout. Glen has travelled extensively with many notable captures on these species.

"I enjoy the interaction with other anglers, passing on the things I have learned, picking up tips and knowledge from others as well. Glen has a regular piece with NSW fishing monthly, and fishes regular local tournaments.
Glen is well known among his peers for his ability to take on new techniques, and adjust them to suit local conditions.
I am very thankful for the opportunity I have been given to participate learn and pass on fishing knowledge as part of the Fish-Tec Soultions pro staff team.
Look forward to seeing you all on the water soon until then tight lines."
Brad Smith or Smithy as he is most commonly known is one of Queenslands longest serving fishing professional fishing guides. He bases his operation on all the Gold Coast and Northern NSW estuary systems, where he targets all species from bream and bass to jew and jacks on lures only. He is probably the only guide in the country that guarantees that you will catch fish and one of the main reasons that he likes to use our products is for the versatility that they provide him on the water. He is our oldest pro staffer but prides himself on sharing his knowledge on where to find fish as well as the techniques on how to target them on a variety of lures.
​Josh is a passionate fly and conventional angler who spends majority of his time fishing the dams and coastal waterways of South East Queensland. 

Being a keen fisherman for as long as he can remember, Josh has worked in the fishing/marine industry since he was old enough to get a job.

He is happy targeting just about any species that swims but there is just something about topwater cod and barra that keep him coming back.

Based on the Gold Coast Ben has been fishing the SE Qld region for over 25 years. 

He loves all forms of fishing wether freshwater, estuary or blue water. 

When given the chance to join the Fish-Tec team Ben jumped at the chance, believing the products they distribute give him the edge in his fishing pursuits

"For me there is no better place than on the water, wether chasing bass and cod in the fresh, jacks, trevally and bream in the estuary or jigging or flicking plastics offshore.” 

Andrew Wilson

Josh Butler

Alex Roy

Gerard Hawthorn

Glen Stewart

Anthony Sexton

Anthony was born to fish right from the very get go, surrounded by a family of fisherman it was inevitable. Fishing his whole life, Anthony's enthusiasm and passion for all things fishing is strong. 

"The night before a trip or a day on the water, I struggle to sleep, pretty much get the same feeling a child does the night before Christmas."

Anthony is based in Western Australia, from bream in the estuary, trout in the fresh or offshore in the blue water, Anthony has it covered. 
Ben Biggs

Brad Smith

B​enn Durkin
Benn’s love of fishing dates back to a very early age! Fishing for yellow belly and Murray cod in the western rivers of south west Qld where he grew up. Realising that bait fishing wasn't his bag , lures soon took over as a new passion! Being very fortunate to have met and been friends with some of the countries greatest timber lure makers only fuelled the passion. Benn's fishing dedication mainly focuses on the big predators, being cod and barra. Tournament results have gone hand in hand with a steadfast commitment to his love of these great Australian icons. Having used G.Loomis fishing rods for a big part of his journey, when given the opportunity to use and represent the next generation Edge rods It was a simple decision!
Adam Reay
Growing up in Coffs Harbour on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, Adam was fishing for everything from snapper to marlin. 
He now lives in Tamworth and the main focus has become XOS impoundment Murray cod on swimbaits and surface lures. 
Adam enjoys traveling North every year chasing barramundi and jetting around the world ticking off bucket list fish such as black bass in Papua New Guinea, tiger fish in Zambia and sturgeon in Canada. Still plenty to go though. Stay tuned for the journey...
Jason Harwood
Jason is a serious angler who's always looking for a way to take his fishing addiction to the next level. 
Based in Central Queensland, he has access to some of the best salt and freshwater fisheries in the country. He enjoys fishing for a variety of species but in his eyes, nothing can compare to the thump of a big barramundi jamming a suspended lure or a mangrove jack crunching a lure off the surface. 
Keep an eye out for him in upcoming tournaments and events.

Residing on Queenslands Sunshine Coast , Chris Adams is a passionate fisherman who has fished in many places through out Australia and the world.

Having developed skills from a very early age as part of a fishing family, Chris found a natural progression from bait as a small kid to nothing but artificials from the age of 10 to a crazy obsession with fly fishing in his late 20's. Chris has gone on to dedicate his career to the fly fishing industry as the owner of Ammo Flies and full time commercial fly tying. Chris is also a Federation of Fly Fishers (FFF) Certificated casting Instructor, and previously held the position as the president of the Saltwater Fly Fishing association. He is also a contributor to multiple Australian fishing publications. 

Sight fishing big fast fish is what Chris will mostly pursue, but he is equally at home chasing Australian fresh water natives, with a particular soft spot for southern Saratoga and Aussie Bass. Having won or placed in many Salt and freshwater flyfishing comps throughout the country Chris is very passionate about the progression of the sport and can attribute an all round success in fly fishing to the quality and performance of Edge fly rods in recent years.​
Chris Adams
Curtis Parker
If it swims, Jackadgery based angler Curtis Parker wants to chase it, catch it, photograph it and then watch it sink back to the depths for another adventurous angler to have the joy of catching.
A passionate, predominantly freshwater fisherman who's fortunate enough to spend a minimum of 3 days a week on the water, Curtis has put many hours into his craft and the results speak for themselves.
Regular trips in search of trophy fish both domestically and internationally is what feeds his soul and keeps him casting.

The Fish-Tec Solutions range of products is just the next evolution in his piscatorial pursuits.