Length: 60mm      Weight: 13.5 grams
Colour Chart
The unique profile of the head houses the lures weight in the perfect position aiding the balance and action and the lure maintains the image of the piranha. 
A super-flat body produces a powerful vibration. The tow point is at the lures center of gravity aiding in casting distance and presents in a natural head down position whilst sinking.
The Piranha is available in many configurations. From silent to the dull knock of soft tungsten though to the annoying full tungsten rattle.
The IK Piranha is one of Imakatsu's greatest creations. Vibration style baits have always been popular in Australia and now the Imakatsu Piranha is set to re invent the wheel. The Piranha features a weight positioned forward in the lures head, aiding in achieving perfect balance for optimum swimming action and free fall. Producing a strong vibration this lure is ideal for targetting our natives such as Australian Bass, Yellowbelly, Cod and many more. Available in Silent, Soft Tungsten and Full Tungsten rattles there is sure to be a model suitable for every anglers needs.