Length: 2.8"      Pieces: 5 per packet
Colour Chart
Air space divided into left and right. Because 1 space one hole, it is difficult for water to enter and it collapses firmly at the time of byte.
Hooks can be mounted between air spaces.
Wide gap offset 1/0 is recommended. It gives you the most coverage and give the lure perfect balance cast after cast.
Finesse frog with a super realistic life like appearance and action action good enough to fool even the most stubborn predator.

The compact body is perfectly engineered to fit a 1/0 wide-gap offset hook with a small divot in the back to allow for better hook-up rate. Snagless performance is very high.

Expertly designed from top to bottom to be able to be cast deep into lily pads and other cover/structure and worked slowly, snag free until the fish can't resist and longer and must attack!