Length: 60mm      Weight: 5.3 grams
Colour Chart
Transfer Counter Balance System-
The T.CBS gives the dilemma the ability to dart, twist and slide freely increasing its appeal.

The Dilemma bib was designed to aid the lures action and efficiency. The bib shape reduces drag and keeps the lure well balanced on a fast or slow retrieve. 
Soft Tungsten casting system- The soft tungsten weight will slide up the channel when cast aiding in distance and accuracy. Soft tungsten will also create sound less likely to impact wary fish whilst darting.
The Dilemma 60 is the ultimate suspending shad.

Packed with features such as TCBS and the Tungsten soft casting system it has an action that stands out in the crowd.
​When jerked the lure has a three stage action consisting of a dart, twist and slide allowing it be used with both a subtle and aggressive action.
By shaking the rod tip on a pause the lure will also roll from side to side to trigger a reaction from any wary fish.

The dilemma comes in two models, the Steep diving to 2.5m and the Super Steep diving to 3m.
Shell Special Colour