Length: 57mm      Weight: 11 grams
Colour Chart
BATTLE BATS is the latest evolved ERATIC ACTION crank bait with the waddle blade system.
Its wide and flat body decreases the horizontal water pressure creating irregular motion randomly while you just retrieve the lure normally.

The waddle blade on the rear make its wobbling pitch much quicker and emphasizes the wave motion and dazzling effect.

Its swimming range is 1m~1.5m and the long lip decreases snags when fished around structure.

BATTLE BATS is a new generation of crank bait design and quality.

ERATIC ACTION will trigger a bite!!
A wide profile from above and shad profile from the side.
This shape decreases the horizontal water pressure giving the Battle Bats its unique ERATIC ACTION!!

Waddle Blade System
The tiny blade rotates in half and full rotations randomly at the base of the rear hook. When the blade comes in front, it receives the water pressure and breaks the balance and then creates ERATIC ACTION.
The blade will keep rolling and relieve the water pressure right after recovering the lures balance right away.