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The thin alloy chatter blade produces a ultra-high-speed roll and vibration that drives fish crazy. The strong left to right shake is the lures greatest feature.
The Imakatsu Alive Chatter 70 is a hybrid between a conventional minnow type lure and a Chatter Bait.

Vibration, flash and movement paired with its slow sinking nature make the Alive Chatter the ultimate lure for targeting Australian Native Species. Uniquely balanced with the weight set forward in the protruding jaw enables the lures high speed roll to be achieved. The skirted trebles are another key feature giving the lure constant movement on the retrieve or pause. The skirted trebles add balance to the lure giving the ability to maintain its action on a dead slow roll or burning retrieve. 

The Alive Chatter 70 is ideal to target Austalias native sportfish such as Bass, Yellowbely, Mangrove Jack, Estuary Perch, Sooty Grunter and many more!

Length: 70mm      Weight: 10 grams
Silicon rubber mounted on the treble hooks has multiple effects. When you stop the lure the silicon rubber will continue to move enticing a following fish to bite. The skirt balances the lure enabling it to be used at high or low speeds.
The unique protruding jaw of he lure houses a weight that gives the lure its action. The forward weight and low center of gravity creates a quick rolling action that is unique to the alive chatter.