Length: 70mm      Weight: 18 grams
Colour Chart
The large volume of the hollow lure makes it a Hi floater. The long lip forces the head under to create a big wake. 
The unique waddle blade gives the lure an erratic action causing random sideways movement when retrieved.
The castanet blade creates noise when contact is made with the metal rivets embedded in the body. This will call in fish from a distance.
Equipped with a wooden rattle to perfectly imitate the natural sound of a frog.
At first glance the Waddle Buggy looks very different to other wake baits.

The hi float lure pushes a huge wake due to its buoyancy and large bib. The waddle and castanet blades create a erratic and noisy action to tempt big predators into inhaling it of the surface. A wooden rattle also gives off low frequency noise to increase the lures appeal

The Waddle Buggy is a highly successful for luring the mighty Murray Cod but has also been excellent for targeting barramundi and trophy sized bass!!