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Hook beat system
The single blade mounted before the front hooks staggers the action of the lure by interrupting its swimming pattern. When the blade contacts the front hook an irregular swimming pattern is achieved to mimic a confused and scared baitfish
Designed with an irregular motion/action not found in similar style baits, the Scare Brow Seven will appeal to fish that have seen plenty of other lures.

The biggest difference is the blade attached under the chin which not only gives off plenty of flash but also a great sound to get even more attention.

Scare Brow Seven's bib design means less snags, which means you can throw it into places you might not have before with confidence that you'll get the lure back & there's a good chance it will be with a fish hanging off it.

Bream, Bass, Sooty Grunter & Yellas are sure to shudder at the thought of these lures hitting the water!
Length: 48mm      Weight: 8.8 grams
The blade adds flash and noise to the lure to attract fish from a distance and act a bite trigger for fish waiting in ambush. The blade also gives the lure excellent snag resistance.