The Orikanemushi is the new revolutionary insect bait from O.S.P. Combining the fish attracting ability of a popper and the small silhouette of an insect creates a topwater lure that no fish can refuse.

The Orikanemushi consists of a plastic popper head and soft body. The soft body makes a natural sound as the lure lands on the waters surface. The popper head will call the fish in when worked and the legs undulate to create a the sound of an insect in distress.

The Orikanemushi is equipped with a single hook and weed guard to be fished through heavy cover and ensure a solid hook-up. Deadly on a huge variety of species the Orikanemushi is a worthy addition to any anglers tackle box.

The Orikanemushi comes with two spare bodies per pack.
Body Length: 34.0mm
Weight: 2.8gr       Floating