Fish-Tec Solutions is excited to announce an exclusive distribution partnership with Gary Loomis’ Northfork Composite Blanks. 

If you know Gary, or have followed his incredible career designing some of the greatest fishing rods ever made, you'll understand that he just can't suppress his mission to perfect rod performance. Armed with the newest materials, he set out to make the lightest and most sensitive blanks ever. When you have a chance to handle or fish one, you'll agree, his latest creations are more than worthy of such a claim. 

Northfork blanks are meticulously crafted along the banks of the North Fork River in Woodland, Wash., USA by Gary and his team of experienced artisans. There are 4 ranges of blanks to choose from.

HI – GEN 2

The HM-GEN2 rod blanks are the lightest, smoothest casting, and, Northfork believe, are the most sensitive blanks manufactured in the U.S.A. Just how good are they? In some cases, these blanks are up to 50% lighter than comparable rod blanks. Using HM-GEN2 as the engine for your rod, you can instantly feel the smoothness of the cast. Northfork incorporate a progressive taper design for maximum cast-ability. In this series, they have also integrated an ultra-fine diameter tip for easy loading at short distances. The paper carbon scrim (PCS) delivers lightness and super strength. Finally, the modulus design blends are added to further reduce the weight and increase the speed of recovery of these HM-GEN2 blanks.


The IM-GEN2 graphite brand optimizes sensitivity and offers the angler a “snapshot” of what his or her lure is doing every inch of the retrieve. Every bump, rock, weed, and strike is transferred directly into your hands. Even the subtlest movement will feel like your lure is being sucked into a jet engine! Distance is another key factor to these rod blanks. They are designed for thousands of effortless casts. With the onus placed on added accuracy. NFC’s IM-GEN2 rod blank tips are designed to resist side to side torque. These blanks show no mercy when setting the hook. 

SM – GEN 2

Anything but standard, this aerospace grade fiber with a proprietary resin system is made to perform in the harshest of environments. Other manufacturers may claim to have rod blanks as tough as our SM-GEN2, but none are as light and responsive. The NFC SM-GEN2 rod blank is class leading while retaining lightness and are responsive by design. By incorporating GEN2, you will experience less fatigue at the end of the day. This will increase casting range, and control for better accuracy. These rods are undoubtedly the best performance value on the market.


These blanks are modulus blends (some are S2/carbon hybrids) some are our IM/HM/SM blends (where traditionally, we've used just one type of material. The actions of these blanks are replicated exactly to the blanks you know and love. They are 20% stronger than IM. They are just as light as IM. 

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