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The large bib adds balance when casting and gets the lure down to depth quickly.
The Imakatsu Pump-R is the perfect jerk bait for Australian conditions.

The Pump -R is a 90mm suspending jerkbait that dives to two metres. It features a wider wiggle than a conventional jerkbait and a shrimp-like finesse rattle to call fish in from a long way off. The magnetic weight transfer system enables long casts making the Pump-R a excellent lure for searching large areas effectively.

The Pump-R has been extremely effective on Barramundi and Mangrove Jacks during testing and is sure to become a favourite with Australian anglers. 

Length: 90mm      Weight: 15grams       Suspending
A magnetic weight transfer system is installed to enable maximum casting distance. The weight will return to the magnet as soon as the retrieve is started to maintain the lures action.
The suspending nature of the Pump-R evokes violent strikes from predators.