Image Gallery
Golden Perch caught on a 3 inch O.S.P DoLive Craw
Yellowfin Bream on a O.S.P Bent Minnow 86
Mary River Cod on a O.S.P Blitz Max DR
Yellowfin Bream Caught on a 3/8 O.S.P Highpitcher
Barramundi on a 5 inch Castaic Jerky J Swim
Australian Bass on a O.S.P Blitz MR Crank
Yellowfin Bream on a O.S.P Bent Minnow 86
Snapper taken over shallow reef on a O.S.P Power Dunk
Estuary bullies like this mangrove jack are no match for the quality blanks each and every Edge rod is hand crafted on.
86cm Golden Trevally caught on 15lb Toray Sea Bass Powergame and 12lb L Hard leader
A solid Australian Bass taken on a O.S.P Yamato JR
Australian Bass caught on a 3/8oz O.S.P High Pitcher spinnerbait
A good size bream caught twitching an O.S.P Dunk 48 along a deep weed edge.
Australian Bass taken on a 2" O.S.P DoLive Craw and Toray Seabass Braid.
O.S.P Bent Minnow 106 inhaled by a Giant Trevally
52cm Snapper taken on a steep reef edge on the O.S.P Power Dunk.
Edge Black Widow DSR-6100 spin was the undoing of this big 'toga