Image Gallery
Golden Perch caught on a 3 inch O.S.P DoLive Craw
Yellowfin Bream on a O.S.P Bent Minnow 86
Mary River Cod on a O.S.P Blitz Max DR
Yellowfin Bream Caught on a 3/8 O.S.P Highpitcher
Barramundi on a 5 inch Castaic Jerky J Swim
Australian Bass on a O.S.P Blitz MR Crank
Yellowfin Bream on a O.S.P Bent Minnow 86
Snapper taken over shallow reef on a O.S.P Power Dunk
86cm Golden Trevally caught on 15lb Toray Sea Bass Powergame and 12lb L Hard leader
90cm Jewfish caught on 18lb Toray Bawo Braid and 15lb L Hard Leader
A solid Australian Bass taken on a O.S.P Yamato JR
Australian Bass caught on a 3/8oz O.S.P High Pitcher spinnerbait
A good size bream caught twitching an O.S.P Dunk 48 along a deep weed edge.
Australian Bass taken on a 2" O.S.P DoLive Craw and Toray Seabass Braid.
O.S.P Bent Minnow 106 inhaled by a Giant Trevally
52cm Snapper taken on a steep reef edge on the O.S.P Power Dunk.