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The blades on either side of the lure move erratically when falling.
The blades also add balance on the fall.
Kasumi design has successfully developed, a completely new concept vibration "cracker craw".
Impact Sound and ultra waves emanating from the original flat blades mounted on the right and left gives a of a different sound than conventional rattles. The vibration of the lure body and sound of the blades will stimulate the lateral lines of all predators to attract a bite.

It has great cast-ability with a stable flight even in strong winds. The snag reducing design enables the angler to fish with confidence even when contact with the lure is lost.

The Cracker Craw is extremely successful on Australia's freshwater natives!
Length: 65mm      Weight: 19 grams
The straight fall causes by the blades gives the lure an upright posture at rest. Snagging is greatly reduced making it excellent for a hoping retrieve along the bottom.
A hole at the rear of the lure enables customisation. Add some silicon legs to create the perfect shrimp imitation.