Length: 75mm      Weight: 4.3 grams
Colour Chart
The jointed body adds flash and a natural action to the lure. When twitched the lure comes alive and when paused it will flex to mimic dying bait drawing attention from nearby fish.
A double hook grips the elastic fin so you will never miss a bite. The unique hook set-up turns subtle bites to solid hook ups.
The elastic tail is both flexible and durable. The jointed tail adds to the lifelike action of the lure.
The join angle enables a cracking  sound to be emitted when retrieved adding to the appeal of this unique lure.
The Baby Killer Bill is packed with features making it truly unique. 

The small jointed minnow has a lively action and is best fished with a erratic twitching retrieve. When paused the lure will suspend enabling you to keep it in the strikezone longer. The three hook set-up will turn any subtle bites to solid hook ups.

The Baby Killer Bill has been producing great results on bream, bass, perch and everything in between. Every light tackle fisherman should have a Baby Killer Bill in their tacklebox.